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"After spending over five years with expensive dating agencies that did not work for me, I decided to try Euro Dates. I sent out 10 letters, and within one month of joining, had received 6 replies. The ladies all had nice personalities, were attractive and professional. Most important, they were motivated to meet someone in their life. I have now established a regular correspondence. Euro Dates is a small investment compared to other dating alternatives." - John H., UK

"I purchased the one year membership and began corresponding with several beautiful ladies. The ladies from Russia and Ukraine are more down to earth, much more mature and serious about starting a family. I traveled to Odessa, Ukraine where I met my wife Julya. I would recommend Euro Dates to anyone who is serious about finding the right person." - Gerald L., Field, Ontario

"I am writing this letter to you for two reasons, first I would like to thank you for all of your help in regards to the much needed and necessary guidance and preparation for my trip to Moscow and secondly I want to tell you that I met more beautiful women in Moscow in two weeks than I have in my entire life. The women in Moscow are just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside, I also find them to be very honest, secure, loving, caring and above all they have such a strong desire to meet and marry a North American man that is beyond belief. While I was in Moscow I met and married a very beautiful Russian woman. I would also like to tell you that my trip to Moscow was an experience that I will never forget, to see how the people live, to ride the trolley bus, the subway and to visit Red Square and the Kremlin was absolutely breathtaking. My experience on this trip was very successful but if it were not I would go again and again." - Barry B., St. Thomas, Ontario

"After spending most of my life searching for that special someone and not finding her, one prepares for some kind of compromise. It is incredible that after a short time with your agency and a trip to Moscow I was able to meet such a very special distinguished lady. I knew when I met her and made arrangements for a fiancee visa that she was a special person, but I must tell you now that she has arrived that not only has there not been any compromise necessary, but that she has turned out to be much more than what I dreamed possible. Granted one is challenged by the thought of following the non-traditional route, of travelling so far to meet someone from a strange land, accepting the conditions of the fiancee visa, and then waiting for the paperwork to get done to build a life together, but it is my view that to find the kind of person who has the courage to leave family and friends behind for a good and mature relationship one needs to invest a little bit of courage into one's own life as well. You can add our relationship to your other success stories. It is my view that anyone who like myself has searched a long time for that special someone and has been unable to find her should give serious consideration to Euro Dates. It is not an agency like others, but for those who are lonely and interested in a serious and meaningful relationship it does offer real hope ... as I have found out." George, Canada.

"My trip to Kiev was very fine. Elena an interpreter was wonderful. She really did a great job. Thank you for your help.  I really appreciate you." Shigeki S., Ann Arbor, Michigan

"I had a wonderful time in Moscow, Lucy, my interpreter was great, the ladies I met were all very beautiful, and I'm pleased to say that I will be able to take one home soon, thanks again for all your help!" Keith S., Fridley, MN

 "I have spent countless hours on sites presenting Women. Nothing begins to compare with what your group is producing!!! Your work and efforts here are light years ahead of the rest!!! Fast downloads, easy access and a sense of warmth and interest in providing your clients with timely, quality and well presented information. After all... we are dealing with matters of the heart... Keep the focus, and I am your best customer.... Well done!!!" Ken

"Success at Euro Dates pretty much says it all. I decided to use Euro Dates after extensive research into all the introduction agencies on the Internet. I was on the Internet an average of 5 nights a week for 2 months and hope my testimonial can save someone from wasting so much time in research and allow them to pursue their desires for a great lady such as the one I am engaged to. I traveled to Kiev, Ukraine and had a great time and experience. Euro Dates made all the arrangements in Kiev and I was given the freedom to use my airline of choice. The drivers and translator were great and made sure I was able to do the things I wanted. The bottom line is that I met a wonderful lady. I thought that the relationship would be more of a business relationship than an emotional one, but we truly love each other and speak 3 or 4 times a week, plus faxes. I am going back to Kiev on December 4th and expect my fiancée to be here in January. I am anxious, but content. I totally recommend this, do yourself and your future wife a favour, just do it!" Lynn B., Arvada, CO

"Dear Friends, Please remove me from your mailing list as I am now engaged! Thank you very much for your outstanding customer service.  It was always much appreciated! Sincerely, Gary S."

"Dear Sirs: I would just like to thank you for your excellent services. Due to your website, I now have a very happy marriage. I might mention that your website was not the only one I visited. There were about a dozen others with Russian/Ukrainian women that I searched exhaustively. Yours however was one of the best for speed of access, organization, level of detail, and readability. Thanks again."

"Hi! I just wanted to tell you about my visit to Kiev. The hotel was good and had excellent security. Yuri understands English very good and was very good also. I was treated very good by Yuri and Kate and the people at the hotel. I would like to thank everyone who helped me, you, Yuri, Kate and everyone who helped out." - M. Brown

"Euro Dates response to my request to purchase my new bride's contact information was immediate...no waiting around for weeks to get the information I wanted...it was emailed to me that day.  They also suggested I consider buying the letter my new bride had sent to them with her photo to be listed with Euro Dates.  Frankly, I didn't know they sold letters and since it was only peanuts to buy, I did so. It came with the email of the contact information and with their instructions was very easy to open and print.  This was a very wise decision for me.  It helped me immediately understand my new wife and her dreams.  I appreciate a company that is responsive, concerned and complete. This is Euro Dates.  They have helped me marry an absolutely superb woman. Thanks Euro Dates.  The way you operate your business will help many other guys get on the right track to a wonderful happiness.  Keep up the great work! All the best, Richard"

"Thank you very much for helping me find the sweetheart of my dreams. She was everything I had hoped for, and more, much more. I am now waiting for Nina to get through her interview in Moscow for the completion of the fiancée visa and then she's mine forever. Here is a letter you might like that I sent her when I got back home; My dearest Nina, it scares me to think that I might have missed you, so easily in this great big world. My chances or odds of finding you were probably one in a million. To think, that if it were not just for a boring, lonely winter night on my first new computer and your ad, that wonderful gift of destiny that planted that seed, that potential, that possibility of "us" might never have happened and I would never have seen that perfect face of yours. Nina, there are thousands of ads of very pretty Russian women looking for a good relationship but, when I found you, you were like a lone, beautiful rose, sunning itself in a field of daisies. Thank you again, sweetheart, for responding to me and coming into my life. I now know that the greatest tragedy of all would have been going through my life without ever knowing, loving, and holding you." Gary

"Excellent trip, loved Moscow, the ladies were above my greatest expectations. Moscow and region is an absolute goldmine. Lucy did a great job. Thanks for everything..." Dennis H., Kimball, MI

"Euro Dates - both ladies were very charming and attractive. Thanks for passing on my profile to them as I would have not selected them on my own accord." Gerald

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