#SP1955 Viktoria 29, 167cm, 52kg


St. Petersburg, Russia


Fitness Instructor

Marital Status




Languages Basic English

"Energetic, positive, passionate, kind, loyal, trustworthy. I like these kinds of music: Alt. rock, pop, reggae, disco. I usually read: Articles, journals, news, books. I like to go out to/and: Beach, parks, cafes, shops. My favorite cuisine: My mom's cuisine. I like these physical activities: Fitness, crossfit, running. More about me: I am not afraid to be oneself and to anybody not to adapt. After anybody not to repeat. To copy nobody and to hesitate of nobody. I like to be myself and to live the weight as it is pleasant to me. I created myself and I continue to create. The nature awarded me with a beautiful face (as many consider), and the rest that I have a result of persistent trainings and work on myself. For me the sport and development are all my life. But as well as any adequate athlete I know that it is necessary to pump over not only the body, but also the intelligence. Therefore besides attractive appearance in me there is also an intelligence, rich inner world and depth. Partner: The man I want to find strong-willed. That knew what wanted and did not doubt anything. That could make decisions and take for them responsibility. To rely on it was possible to entrust family to it also. That was able to love really, sincerely and gently, carefully and carefully. And I like people cheerful, cheerful, passionate and able to derive pleasure from simple things. It is what I surely would like to see in the man."

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