Combating Online and In-Person Scams

Pro-Dater Signs

- Asks where you are staying so she can gauge you. If you're staying in an expensive hotel you make a good target for her.

- Sets the agenda of the date. Chooses an expensive restaurant and refuses if you just want to meet for coffee.

- Dresses very sheik and stylish. In high heels prim and proper. With makeup and expensive jewelry.

- Refuses to come to the meeting without a taxi which you will be expected to pay for. Refuses to take public transportation.

- In an expensive restaurant will order the most expensive dishes but will barely touch a thing.

- Fingers the menu and orders the most expensive dishes or drinks not because they are good but because they are the most expensive.

- Smokes and will order cigarettes from the restaurant menu which you will have to pay for.

- Will expect you to take her on an expensive shopping trip. Afterwards she disappears and will not answer your calls.