#3415 Kristina 25, 164cm, 58kg


Perm, Russia



Marital Status

Never Married



Languages Fluent English

"I'm creative person, who's life is going around photography, design and decoration of interior. I'm funny, easy-going, energetic person, who is giving love, power and inspiration for closest people and people who need some of it. I'm that type of person, who always has something to do, to learn and to create. I have strong but soft character, big honest heart and very typical and simple ideas about love and building family. I like these kinds of music: Rock'n'roll I usually read: Philosophy and some wise and beautiful stories I like to go out to/and: Hiking, creating something, reading, yoga, snowboarding, running or just walking My favorite cuisine: Love vegetables and coffee :) I like these physical activities: Travelling More about me: I traveled a lot, lived and worked in different countries for last few years. Had a lot of different chances to settle down in many of that countries, but I felt like it could be wrong decision... And finally I've got a strong feeling, that want to move to Canada, don't know exactly why, but feel it like best choose for finding my love and for my final destination. Like a home for soul, you know?.. Partner: Want to meet man who knows what he wants in life, who is interesting, funny, kind and goal-oriented in his work and whom I can really trust my life. Would be happy to give a support, feeling of happiness and sense of being to my man. I have enough shining for two :)"

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