#3406 Anastasia 22, 167cm, 57kg


Minsk, Belarus


Law Student / Event Management

Marital Status

Never Married



Languages Good English

"Passionate and active, enjoy being outdoors, love traveling, meeting people, learn new things (nowadays got a passion to learn Spanish) and I do keep searching my place in the universe (that's a really big deal (!). I like these kinds of music: It depends on the mood I am in. After I got started learning Spanish, I began to listen to more Spanish 'guitarra'. Love to listen to King of Convenience, Fink, Coldplay bands. Chill out and Bosa Nova pretty suitable to my nature as well. I do HATE music witch they play in clubs! I usually read: Reading is my passion! If I haven't read today I haven't lived. Reading books is like a traveling. It's kind of a journey you take without knowing where it leads you... exciting... I like to go out to/and: I'm more nature person. Interested in extreme sport (I'd love to experience as much as possible), hiking, breathtaking landscapes.. I like to go out and gather with friends but I am NOT interested in clubbing! There are so many other ways to have fun My favorite cuisine: There is no a fave one. I'm not vegan, not vegetarian and don't care so much about the diet. I eat everything that smells good and prepared in a natural healthy way I like these physical activities: Extreme sport, karting, horseriding, running More about me: Interested in humans, reading books, outdoor activities, culture and traditions (different from my own ones), languages, night walks, and I'm in love with the ice cream (!) Partner: Mutual true Love and trust. You're nobody until somebody loves you!"

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