#3233 Alisa 26, 169cm, 51kg


Ekaterinburg, Russia



Marital Status

Never Married



Languages Basic English

"The main purpose of man - always remain the soul. Mental qualities - the most valuable thing we have! (Purity, Integrity, Honesty, Loyalty, Compassion, Humility, determination, firmness of character, ability to carry out its promises; Responsiveness) Spiritual qualities do not disappear. The human soul inflames each life more and more. The memory of the purity does not go away with the death of the body. In the new life we receive the same quality that had in the past. Therefore, investing in their qualities of character - is the main destination. Man must become cleaner, more beautiful heart. And it will stay with him forever. Such wealth can not be destroyed, because it does not depend on the financial crisis and whether you leave your body or not. Spiritual wealth is a man forever I like these kinds of music: Ethnic music I usually read: scriptures I like to go out to/and: nature My favorite cuisine: Indian (vegetarian) I like these physical activities: fitness More about me: Religion - Hinduism (Vaishnava Sampradaya) Partner: at the highest level of compatibility (soul mates)."

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