#3174 Anastasia 27, 170cm, 58kg


Kaliningrad, Russia



Marital Status

Never Married



Languages Intermediate English

"Cheerful, happy, pretty girl. A few general thoughts: we can solve all problems in our life! we just need for that enough wishes; If there is something worth doing, it's worth doing well; all things in our life we need to do with love; in one moment we came here in one moment we leave it, each moment in our life is general because we have just one I like these kinds of music: All good music with powerful energy I usually read: Classic books I like to go out to/and: Gym, traveling, have fun with friends, dancing, cinema.........all things that's worth to do My favorite cuisine: Italian I like these physical activities: Gym, running More about me: You need to be smart, intelligent, honest and funny for be next to me. first of all I'm a lady. I' am a winner in life, and just a girl who wants to be cared for and loved... Partner: Serious relationship for Create family."

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