#K2010 Viktoria 27, 174cm, 62kg


Kiev, Ukraine


Office Manager

Marital Status

Never Married



Languages Fluent English, Basic French

"Interests: theater, cinema, exhibitions, swimming, travelling, jogging, biking. I am a soft, virtuous, kind and caring lady. At the same time very active, ambitious, a doer by designation!! so my partner needs to make sure if he could fit into a life of an active person, curious about life and eager to develop herself all the time!! I love travelling, cooking, make up art, reading, learning languages, socialising with friends, doing charity Though whatever you do with your life and stay single doesn't make it meaningful, that's why I'm here looking for my partner to fill that gap!! Partner: I am at the very point in life where I feel like the only missing thing in it is a family. And don't get me wrong I am not unhappy with my life, I am quite socially active and perpetually engaged in self development, yet I very badly want to convey my unique experience to my children, my family and I'm sure this will add another facet to my world and fulfill my true mission in life, a true mission of any woman!! I am a realist with my mini list of requirements for my future partner:) I expect him to be an adequate, mature, good-mannered, good-hearted and caring person!! If I touch your heart in any way, please do feel free to write me!"

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