Although many of the ladies in our agency do speak English and other foreign languages sometimes for those who do not, the need for an interpreter arises. On this page you'll find a listing of interpreters. Some are highly qualified, some are not. (Their hourly rate will reflect this.) A referral fee paid to our agency (or one of your meeting credits) applies for each interpreter we refer you to. Your interpreter must be paid directly, in cash. Please have us check with your desired interpreter to see if she is available at your specific times / dates before paying. Their rates and location are posted below. Bargain prices are in bold blue. Some of our interpreters can act as personal assistants or guides for the duration of your stay. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in their services.
#agent2 Mary 24 Moscow - I'd like to work as an interpreter and guide for foreign people. I'm not interested only in money, I need a contact and interesting discussions with foreign tourists too))) I hope I'll do my best and it will be a mutually beneficial partnership) Sincerely, Mary) Rate: 500 rub / hour prefers minimum 3-5 hours per day.
#agent3 Oksana 22 Moscow - Expected rate no less than 300 rubles per hour.
#agent7 Mariana 26 Moscow - I currently work a in a jewellery boutique right in the center of Moscow. My time table (which is 2days on,2 days off) enables me to have a part-time work and so I would be happy to offer my service. Although I don't have a specialized linguistic education, my language skills due to frequent practice and travelling are sufficient. I suggest that my recent IELTS test results can be an evidential document. My expected rate is quite reasonable - 400-500 rub per hour.
#agent8 Tatyana 28 Moscow - 800 roubles per hour.
#agent9 Natalie 30 Moscow - I live in Moscow and expected rate per hour doesn't matter much to me.
#agent10 Oksana 32 Moscow - I am an English and Italian speaking Russian woman. My understanding and knowledge of the English language is good, although I do have difficulty with slang and colloquiums. I have good organizational skills: I can arrange to meet at the airport, guide. Expected rate per day is 1200 roubles-1500 roubles.
#agent11 Alla 35 Moscow - I'd prefer Saturday and Sunday. The price may be 200 or 250 roubles per hour.
#agent12 Marina 25 - For now I work in a French company and occupied during the week except weekend. So I would be happy to work for you Saturday and Sunday. I live in Moscow and know all places of interest and entertainment would  be glad to provide interesting and exciting visit in Moscow. I drive the car and can drive the client around the Moscow and countryside if its needed. The charge for my service- 1500 rubles per hour. Or 10 000 rubles per day from 10 am till 6 pm. If needed to drive around the city - 2 000 rubles per hour. Or 14 000
rubles from 10 am till 6 pm.
#agent13 Katya 18 Moscow - Rate per hour 500 rub. I can work on work days after 6 pm and weekends all the time.
#agent14 Natalia 42 Moscow - Will be happy to assist you as an interpreter in Moscow. The expected rate is 500 roubles per hour.
#agent15 Evgenia 27 Moscow - I am quite interested in it especially as I have such experience in working as an interpreter and a guide. My expected rate per hour is 700 roubles.
#agent16 Elena 33 Moscow - My rate per hour is 20$us or 13euro.
#agent17 Natalia 37 Moscow - French <> Russian. Bonjour, 25 dollars a 1 heure. On peut convenir du prix toujours...
#agent18 Irina 39 Moscow - Professional translator, work experience since 1991 till now, free lance interpreter, 1200 rubles per hour.
#agent19 Elena 30 Moscow - Without car 500 rub per hour, with car about 700 rub per hour.
#agent20 Svetlana 26 Moscow - I am available in the evenings and on weekends. The service fee starts from 10 dollars per hour. Currently I am working for a British investment fund in the position of Office Manager. Have 3 Brits and 1 American among my directors. Have a good day-to-day practice of English.
#agent21 Svetlana 31 Moscow - 500-1000 rubles for 1 hour
#agent22 Irina 28 Moscow - My expected rate- 10 euro per hour.
#agent23 Katya 26 Moscow - I have learned English for more than 10 years and I had some language practice when I went on travels about Europe. 1200 rubles per hour. 8000 rubles per day (8 hours)
#agent24 Natalia 28 Moscow - Mostly interested in Russian-Italian and vice versa. Expected rate per hour - 400 rub.
#agent25 Katya 28 Moscow - just graduated University.  English - perfect, German, Italian-fluent. Can work full day Saturday, Sunday, another days from 7 pm. - has work experience  in tour company. English - fluent. Can provide - arrival/departure  service, tourist and work invitation for foreigners, registrations  for private visitors, accommodation, city tour, organisation of  meeting with client's guests/ Russian friends, culture program. Expected rate 250 rbl/h.
#agent27 Lilit 21 Moscow -  My English is intermediate now, and I'm ready to start this work ! I'm student (journalism). I think about  30 $ per hour. It depends of all time! If I stay for a hole day the rate is less!
#agent28 Olesya 20 Moscow - English level: upper intermediate. Rate:500 rubles per hour.
#agent29 Oxana 29 Moscow - Make offer.
#agent31 Olga 27 Moscow - I am strongly interested in work as interpreter. I am about to finish one project working for touristic company and will plan my future occupation as free lance interpreter so if you have any interest - contact. the rate per hour is 350 roubles.
#agent32 Anastasia 27 Moscow - I expect 600 roubles per hour. But it depends.
#agent33 Anna 28 Moscow - I am interested in work as an interpreter and guide for foreign people. I will be happy to guide your clients in the city and take them to the most popular tourist places of Moscow. I can tell them many things about history of the city and places. I will do my best to make them stay in Moscow interesting and unforgettable. Expected rate - 10 euro per hour.
#agent36 Yulia 33, 164cm Moscow - rates negotiable
#10985 Irina 51, 168cm, 60kg Moscow, Russia

Interpreters also available in St. Petersburg, Kiev and other cities. Please inquire here.

Disclaimer: Please note that the above interpreters are not employees or sub-contractors of Euro Dates and we assume no liability, although we do our best to ensure their reliability and good character.