#M1158 Terry 56, 173cm, 79kg


Greenville, TX, USA


Chemical Technician

Marital Status




Languages English

"Interests: I play tennis regularly, swim, take long bicycle rides and I travel often...mostly trips back home to visit family, friends and/or go to the beach, or travel to other cities to attend special events. And I get plenty of exercise from my job and from maintaining my family's lands and properties. I also like painting landscape art and going to concerts. I consider myself an easy going guy that doesn't take life so serious that enjoying it doesn't pass me by, but I'm very focused on important things when seriousness is called for...especially when it involves family and/or friends, and I enjoy music, traveling, painting scenery art and playing tennis, softball, volleyball and bicycling. I am VERY loyal to the people I care about, empathetic to the needs of others, eternally optimistic, possess a conscience that lets me know the difference between right and wrong...and I have a GREAT sense of humor! I'm also not a perfect person...I've had my share of up's & downs and in my past I did not always made the right decisions. But I feel blessed with the experience I have gained in my lifetime because it has given me the knowledge that I didn't have in my youth to know what is MOST important in life, love and relationships."

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