#M1106 Charles 48, 177cm, 71kg


Charlotte, NC, USA



Marital Status




Languages Russian, French and English

"Interests: Hiking, fitness, reading, theater, water-skiing, antiques, travel, studying Russian, charitable work, writing, archaeology, investing, tennis, baseball. Financially-successive, conservative, family-oriented, attractive and slender. Have caught "the Russian bug" and enjoy exploring the Slavic countries, meeting their people and trying to learn the Russian language. I have never smoked nor taken drugs and have a strong attachment to my family, friends, faith and values. I have never married nor lived with a woman and seek the same in a lifetime partner. A Slavic woman would be an ideal soulmate. A future wife would be intelligent and adventurous in a sense of desire to travel, grow and learn. She would be similarly-attractive and have conservative, family values. I am indifferent as to whether she should pursue a career, but I seek a woman who enjoys the nurturing side of femininity. Desire to someday raise a family is a plus. Though I can speak modest conversational Russian, I prefer meeting ladies who speak at least a little English, as it conveys their sincerity in meeting Americans. Also, I prefer non-smokers."

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