#M1100 Robert 54, 176cm, 76kg


Washington, DC USA


Executive, US Government

Marital Status




Languages English - Native, Russian - Basic, Spanish - Intermediate

"Interests:  International travel, tennis, yoga, exercising, saunas, hiking, painting, playing musical instruments, classical music, writing, visiting cultural and historic sites wherever in the world.. more: I am part Russian. I have traveled to Russia as a representative of the USA government since the 1990's at various meetings held in various cities in Russia. I have lived in Moscow. From this Russian background and my experience in Russia, I highly value Russian culture, literature, classical compositions and the people of Russia (also of the Ukraine). So I am sincere in wanting to find a Russian or Ukrainian. I am looking for a woman who is intelligent, witty, a great communicator and who has unlimited energy. She should be able to speak and write English without the assistance of a translator. If not, then she should be motivated to become fluent in English, as I am trying to become fluent in Russian. She appreciates the greatness of Russian composers and authors. She is slim, very attractive and enjoys exercising, as I do. Ideally, she has a passion for something in this world such as playing the piano, gymnastics, her work, singing, art/painting, writing, sports or other activity area. She has a professional career which I can support her in achieving anything she hopes to achieve in the USA. And, like me, she believes each day we can be adventurous and learn something new that provides us with personal intellectual growth. Finally, she should look forward to each day with me, being devoted to me as I will be devoted to her. "


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