#M1070 Peter 50, 180cm, 82kg


Britain / Russia


Teacher / Journalist

Marital Status



one in Portugal
Languages  I speak English fluently (obviously). I speak a little French and am very keen to speak Russian very well in the future

Question: What do these have in common: Paris, saffron, feet?

Answer: You.

Paris? It could be the time we shared walking in Montmartre or discussing a particular painting in the Musee D’Orsay.

Saffron? The flavour of the paella I cooked or recalling a visit together to an Indian spice market.

Feet? Tired after a night of dancing, or relaxed as we give each other a fragrant foot massage after a walk in the High Atlas of Morocco.

I wrote Paris, saffron, and feet but I could just as well have listed cinema, music and giggling in bed ... or wine, writing and long conversations ... or idealism, companionship and sensuality.

The fact is I don’t know what we will have in common, or what wonderful new things we could add to each other’s lives.

But it’ll be fun finding out.

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