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1. Are you a marriage agency?
No agency can promise marriage. We are a dating agency, however, many of our clients have become married after meeting through our agency. Others don't want marriage, just dating or friendly relationships.

2. Can I purchase addresses from your agency?
Our agency does not sell addresses. It makes no sense to purchase an address of someone who may not be interested in you. First we check with your selection(s) to see if she's interested in you before providing you with her contact information for the purpose of meeting in person.

3. Why is your agency geared toward meeting?
Some people spend months even years engaged in correspondence and never actually meet, or if they do they find they are not suited for each other even after this long correspondence. We find that after the first meeting you'll both understand if you are interested in each other and are interested in taking the relationship to the next level.

4. Why must I submit my photo?
This is the only way we have of presenting you our members.

5. If I want to meet one of the ladies in your catalogue, must I publish my photo in your Gentlemen's Catalogue?
No. The Gentlemen's Catalogue is totally optional. If you wish to meet one of the ladies in our catalogue, we still need your photo and data so we may present your details to your chosen ladies.

6. What method of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard. We do not accept cash payments.

7. What if I don't have a bank card or don't want to use my existing credit card?
Many supermarkets and financial institutions now offer prepaid credit cards where you can load them with funds and use them for this purpose.

8. Do you charge the ladies a fee to use your service?
Absolutely not. Ladies may join our agency free of charge. There is never a fee to the ladies.

9. Are any of the ladies in your agency prostitutes?
None at all. If that is what you are looking for then please look elsewhere.

10. Does the fee that I pay for the meeting cover the cost of an interpreter?
An interpreter is not included in the cost of the meeting. For the most part ladies do have some English speaking ability and an interpreter is not required. We can also refer you to a qualified interpreter should one be needed.

11. Where does the meeting take place?
That is entirely up to you. We suggest a location that will be familiar to the both of you. Ladies are reluctant to meet at hotels or around metro stations. Please choose a well known restaurant or cafe.

12. How many ladies should I meet?
For best results, we suggest meeting a minimum of 5-10 members. Only by meeting several contacts will you find that special person who is right for you.

13. Do you have an office that I can visit?
Euro Dates is does not maintain a "bricks and mortar" office. This helps us keep costs down and we pass the savings on to you.

14. Is it possible to communicate with ladies prior to meeting?
Yes, please open a Note Exchange account.

15. Is your pricing expensive?
Taking into account air, hotel, restaurant and miscellaneous expenses, our meeting fees are only a fraction of your total expenditure.

16. How do I update my profile?
Ladies use this form. Gentlemen use this form.

17. What is the $1 Deposit?
The $1 Deposit is where we bill your card just $1. If no one on your list agrees to communicate or meet within 7 days this amount will be refunded in full, otherwise this amount will be applied to a Note Exchange account or Meeting Plan. Please contact us for further details.

17. Do you have scammer profiles?
We employ a filtration process that keeps 99% of scammers out of our database, however in the case that an occasional one does slip through, please report to us immediately so we can review the profile.

Question not covered here? Send us an email. Please allow us 24 hours to respond.


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