Marriage vow renewal, English version, at Faith Fellowship church in

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After viewing many Russian women on the internet about a year ago and becoming fascinated with the prospect of finding a foreign woman,  I chose to write one named Irina. Even though she was 37 years and I was 54. I found her in the catalogue and wrote her a long letter and included some pictures of myself and my old 1889 farmhouse - I was totally honest in what I did have to offer and what I didn't have to offer. I am not wealthy. On my birthday, March 27th, I received an e mail from her (her father had a computer and did e mail on the internet) and our correspondence began. We e mailed each other daily for almost 5 months. In August I flew to Russia to stay with her for three weeks and find out if we were just blowing smoke or if this was for real. It only took less than a day to fall totally in love with a most incredible, caring woman. After 15 days our relationship had survived all things we thought would be problems; including the language barrier. Our passion for each other was enormous. We had not prepared ourselves, however, for the grieving of our separation when I had to go back home. This was very unpleasant for both of us. We fell very hard for each other. In October I flew back to marry her in Russia, as it was the fastest way to get her to me in the United States, and in November she and her two wonderful children came to me in America. Our relationship is everything I had wished it to be and it only gets better with each day.  The honeymoon does not have to end.  A different mentality certainly exists with Russia women; they are very beautiful, very family oriented, excellent homemakers, intelligent, very loving, very supportive of their husband, and are extremely unspoiled and non materialistic just like the information I received stated. I met many of Irina's friends who would make excellent wives also and are also looking to come to America. The fear of a woman wanting to get a man just to be able to leave Russia and come to America was dispelled in my first moments with Irina when I finally met her.  A more genuine and loving woman I could never ask for.  Many of my friends, bless their little jealous hearts, prepared me for everything from a hooker to a beggar. Few addressed the situation for what it really was; simply a nice Russian lady looking for a good man to share her life with. The kids are a lot of fun too; are already addicted to motorbikes,  and are doing great in school. English comes rapidly and our schools offer special help for those who have a language other than English as their native tongue. The children have told their mom if she ever chooses to return to Russia, they won't be going with her. But then, mom likes it here as much as they do. We exchange e mails with her parents   several times a week and she phones mom occasionally; and they are anxious to come visit us maybe this summer. I struck a goldmine with this relationship. My advice to others is simple; don't be afraid to take a risk.  The journey is not without bumps, especially when you get to Russia which drowns in a paper jungle; but the reward of finding such a loving woman like my wife Irina, outweighs any obstacles that get in your way and have to be dealt with.

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Ber, Irina, and Aleks at Irina's apartment in Yoshkar-Ola

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Marriage ceremony at Russian Orthodox church in Yoshkar-Ola, Russia

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At the amusement park in Yoshkar-Ola, Russia

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My Russian family - mom (Mariya), Jana, Irina, me, and dad (Aleksandr) - Aleks took the picture

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First real 4 x 4 ing trip for my new Russian family - a very new experience for them

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Jana, Irina, and Aleks - my jeepin' crew




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Helping to clean hundreds of pounds of mushrooms we picked in forest  in Russia for winter staples